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Quick Start

You can quickly install and try Kiali via one of the following two methods.

These instructions are not recommended for production environments. Find more detailed information on installing Kiali, see the installation guide.

Install via Istio Addons

If you downloaded Istio, the easiest way to install and try Kiali is by running:

kubectl apply -f ${ISTIO_HOME}/samples/addons/kiali.yaml

To uninstall:

kubectl delete -f ${ISTIO_HOME}/samples/addons/kiali.yaml --ignore-not-found

Install via Helm

Only Helm v3 has been tested. Previous Helm versions may or may not work.

To install the latest version of Kiali Server using Helm, run the following command:

helm install \
  --namespace istio-system \
  --set auth.strategy="anonymous" \
  --repo \
  kiali-server \
If you get a validation error, you may have to pass the option --disable-openapi-validation (this is needed on OpenShift 4.5, for example).

To uninstall:

helm uninstall --namespace istio-system kiali-server

Access to the UI

Run the following command:

kubectl port-forward svc/kiali 20001:20001 -n istio-system

Then, access Kiali by visiting https://localhost:20001/ in your preferred web browser.