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Kiali is Open Source

Kiali is developed in the open under an Apache Software License version 2.0. As such Kiali welcomes contributions in every form. This can be code, but also bug reports, feature requests, translations and much more.

Kiali source code is hosted at GitHub with the two major repositories being:

The source for this website is hosted at

Please have a look at the README files in the repositories as well as the ones. Also make sure to check out the Kiali code of conduct.

Reporting issues and requesting features

  Security issues should not be reported in a public way. To report security issue please follow the steps described in the Kiali Security Policy.

The Kiali team uses kiali/kiali GitHub repository as its centralized tracker. Please use it to report issues and request features. When creating issues, please add the bug or the enhancement label as appropriate.

Issue tracking is also enabled for other Kiali repositories, like kiali/ for the web page, and kiali/k-charted for the dashboards and some charts. You can report issues on these repositories if you know the issue is specific to that component. When in doubt, simply use the kiali/kiali repository.

Talk with us

There are several ways to contact, and be part of, the Kiali community:

Community Calendar

Kiali has public community meetings every three weeks, at the end of each release. They happen on Friday at 10am (US/Eastern) / 4pm (Central Europe). Find these events and other major events on the Community Events calendar.

Spread the word

As an open source project, community contributions are important to Kiali. The presence of Kiali in multiple projects and at conferences around the globe is a key for our continued success. If you are organizing an event with presentations that include Kiali, we would love to know about it and help you spread the word. Please let us know by filling out this form:

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